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Quotes are very inspirational. They make us think and often change the way we view life. They constantly challenge our perspectives and force us to rethink what we believe. The secret to making a quote more memorable is good design. Both unify together and provide inspiration in a variety of different ways.

I know many people are tired of the whole “put random words on top of an image” trend, so this form of art may not be your cup of tea. I personally still really enjoy well designed posters and appreciate the artistic execution. Below we’we listed a short and sweet collection of twenty beautiful typographic, lettered, and calligraphic quotes. Enjoy!

Let it go…

Working on a t-shirt design for the band Branches.

Everything Is Beautiful

Kevin Russ



Lets Make Something by Patrick Symons



Jack Daniels

A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor. By Oliver Shilling

Change yourself before you change the world

Harvey Specter 4

Don’t Go Through Life, Grow Through Life

By Monique Wilmoth

by Michael Crawford

Type x Image Collaboration

Handwritten. Traced in Illustrator.

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