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Martin Ansin is an illustrator working from Montevideo, UY. His unique style of illustration art is quite moving. Martin also runs his own journal called EverythingYouDoIsABalloon, here he talks about his latest works and how he creates them. Enough talking, check out his talent for yourself below!

For more info on Martin and his work, please check out his website

The Social Network | Wired Magazine

Feature illustrations for Wired’s behind-the-scenes story of “The Social Network”, Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher’s film about the creation of Facebook.

The Power ListEntertainment Weekly

Full page and spot illustrations for Entertainment Weekly’s 2010 list of the 50 Most Powerful Entertainers.

MoonThe Alamo Drafthouse, Limited Edition Poster

Poster for Duncan Jones’ excellent film, featuring All City Media’s original unreleased design.

ArcherFX Networks Series Promo

Promotional image for FX’s animated spy comedy show ‘Archer’.The main characters of the series are presented in a montage reminiscent of the 1960s spy films.Developed with FX and the creative agency The Arterie.

The Bride of FrankensteinThe Alamo Drafthouse, Limited Edition Poster

Another “Universal Monsters” licensed poster, for the classic 1935 horror film “The Bride ofFrankenstein”. Gold, Silver and Black inks with a variant version in Copper and Silver.

The Flaming LipsPlayboy Magazine Interview, June 2010 issue

Portrait of Wayne Coyne for Playboy Magazine’s interview about The Flaming Lips’ new album, a start-to-finish cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon”.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldThe Alamo Drafthouse, Limited Edition Poster

Poster for the Austin premiere of Edgar Wright’s film. A variant version was made, with Michael Cera’s character as “Negative Scott”.

Star Wars: A Wretched HiveThe Alamo Drafthouse limited edition poster

El Topo | “J’ai tué le photographe” poster exhibition

Limited edition poster of Alejandro Jodorowski’s cult underground film “El Topo”, createdfor the movie poster exhibition “J’ai Tué Le Photographe” at Cinéma du Parc, Montréal.

The Phantom Of The OperaThe Alamo Drafthouse special screening

Silk-screened poster design for The Alamo Drafthouse’s special show of the 1925 classic silent film.
The color scheme refers to the early two-color form of Technicolor used in the “Bal Masqué”
sequence of the film, where the Phantom presents himself in the guise of the ‘Red Death’.

Civic GT SportHonda Motor Company

Fully painted artwork created to introduce the new Honda Civic GT Sport in Spain. The cross-media campaign carries the tagline “The heroes are back on the streets.”

The Wolf ManLimited Edition Poster

Poster for Universal Pictures’ 1941 classic horror film, starring Lon Chaney Jr.
Screenprinted limited edition in metallic inks, with a glow-in-the-dark variant run.

Zorro | Nintendo Wii box cover art and logotype design

Pitch cover art and logotype design for a Nintendo Wii Zorro videogame, developed with the creative agency Runstrong.

THX 1138 Movie Poster

A personal project, where the key plot points of the film are presented in the design from bottom to top.In this way the audience is invited to relive the film experience by reading its events in order, leading ultimatelyto THX’s escape to the surface.

Music Store Assistants

Character design for the “assistants” of an online music store. Each characteris representative of a music genre: Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Electronic music.

Montevideo Comics, Print Campaign

A series of illustrations of classic comics characters used as part of the comics convention’s print advertising campaign.

Archer: Season 2FX Networks Series Promo

Promotional image for the second season première of ‘Archer’, FX’s animated spy comedy show.

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