These days, a service is getting famous worldwide and that is Every Door Direct Mail service which is provided by United States postal service. With help of this service you can target specific mail carrying routes and then can mail piece to each and every commercial and residential household with help of route.

One of the main benefits is that, there is no need of having names, contact details, addresses or anything else. The USPS will send mailed to each and every person on route. Most importantly, with help of this service you can efficiently reach high number of addresses in comparison with traditional mail campaign. While on other hand, it will help you in saving a lot on postage as in this postage ranges between


Working of EDDM printing

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Each and every door direct mail allows businesses to work by focusing on their content and print marketing while postal service handles distribution. Instead of spending more and more time on research of prospect and address, you can simply save money and time on marketing campaigns of your business, sales procedure and customer service as well. There are many companies out there in market who can help you with this and provide competitions rates for every door direct mail printing esnsurung that rate of return will be good.

It is highly fruitful for small scale and medium sized businesses in their specific areas, as through this they can reach more and more customers and thus can even achieve their business goals. By using the facility of EDDM printing mail delivery information can be supplied with much ease and hassle free. Many companies including carpet cleaners, spas, repair shops, salons, chiropractors and landscapers get benefit from every door direct mail printing and advertising.


Some main features of EDDM printing

There are many features of this technique, but mentioned below are some main features. Here are few ways how this program helps in gaining leads and building the strategies of business –

Target customers – With help of every door direct mail program, you can easily saturate all your neighbors with ads and in this way your mails will directly go in hands of prospects.

Get enough bang then what you have invested – This program provide an option of menus, event, coupons, calendars, store maps and much more with an order to bring more and more customers at your business door.

High flexibility – EDDM is available in different range depending on the size, due to this it is an ideal option for any content type no matter whether it detailed story of product or any small announcement related to sales.

Option – There are unlimited option to choose from variety of designs, styles and formats like maps, promotional materials and calendars. Not only this, you can also bring more, menus and store maps and many things at the door of customers.


For whom EDDM printing is helpful?

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There are so many businesses which can get benefit by using EDDM promoting technique and even many like politicians, dentists and churches prefer this media. In case, if your marketing is relevant only to specific people and geographical area, then every door direct mail is best, great and effective way to get out benefits.

Some of the businesses which fit perfect for campaigns of EDDM include Medical professionals, restaurants, dry cleaners, retail stores, landscaping and nurseries, contractors, Realtors, auto service and sales, home services, coffee shops, galleries, churches, financial services, not profit organizations, political campaigns and many more.


Main benefits of considering EDDM service

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Get high return on investment: This is one of the main benefits of using EDDM service. Every door direct mail can help you in getting better and high return on investment in comparison to other marketing techniques. There are many reasons behind this, three of them are:

  1. People remain no longer target audience, as with this service you can easily reach new person at new location.
  2. Without any doubt, most of the people love to buy things from common ground as shared by others. Using EDDM you can target neighborhoods and give them the business on some common ground.
  3. People always trust such which they can check in person or can see. With this technique you can reach more and more people physically and they can also come at your retail location or office.

No permit is required – Your main objective of marketing should be to make sure that all the local residents of your area knows about your store and if they are not familiar with it then let them know about contact information, working hours and address with help of EDDM. Every door direct mail advertising and service so not require address list as you can simply send mail directly to all the residents in town of every store for merely 14.5 cents in postage. This means that, there is no requirement of postal permit or anything else to save pocket costs and other yearly fees.

Discount offers: Direct mail advertising like every door direct mail has ability of giving discounts directly to all its customers. This will help in retaining customers and also bring many new customers those have not purchased anything from a while. Skincare products and shoe stores mostly use this method, their coupons provide many benefits to customers like incentives whenever their customer will visit store and these coupons can be redeemed with help of code. This encourages customers to purchase more and more items which they need. You can even make them realize the need of product by explaining them the benefits of the products and appealing in EDDM ad.

No postal limits: If you will mail within the specific quantity, then there is no need of purchasing additional postal permit. The postal service always gives certain permit which clients can easily add to mailer pieces whenever required. This permit will make sure that post cards should not be mailed together with mass produces and mailings which will help in saving cost and time of business.

Let you get creative – It is a great and effective way as EDDM allows you to get creative with anything or message you wants to convey to your customers. Many small scale businesses even promote special offers and discounts to neighbors of their area with help of EDDM mailer, as in comparison to standard coupon it have high value. Your EDDM mail must stick to mailer format, while rest of the things depends on you.

Make sure that you include some strong calls for better action, promote sensitive sales and even include easy reading and clearing phone numbers, dates as well as addresses. Once you are done with this, it will help you in capturing attention more quickly and make things pretty easy like converting information to them. Overall, EDDM campaign will help in bridging gap between digital and physical marketing.



There are so many marketing techniques which can be taken into consideration. But, if you are looking for an effective and high result oriented way then can take EDDM printing and advertising into consideration. It will offer your business so many benefits which are just mind-blowing. Above explained are few benefits of this technique.

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