Being interesting is the capacity to positively engage another person by being more thought-provoking and more attractive. It’s the complete opposite of being boring and plain. And it’s a very significant characteristic that everyone should endeavor to acquire because it’s mainly the backbone of love and friendship.

The good news is that being interesting is not something that can be passed on through genes or heredity. More like a skill or ability, it is something that can be learned or practiced. It’s also not that hard to achieve. It’s a matter of how a person regularly works on this characteristic and develops it through each and every experience. To explain more about this process, below are some tips and tricks to become the most interesting person that you know:

Become educated


One characteristic of an interesting individual is always contributing to conversations. He or she always has something to share or some fun facts to tell rather than just sitting there listening or just nodding to what others say. This is achieved by knowing a lot of things or being educated. So to become an interesting person, it’s a MUST to learn things from documentaries, Internet, books, school, or from experiences. This way, ideas and thoughts can be easily generated and thus you would have a lot to say.

A good place to start is through reading books. It would also help to always be up to date with what’s going on in the world of pop culture and news. There are also movies and documentaries which can give you fresh insights and knowledge. And don’t forget – experience is the best teacher – so it’s always good to do a lot of things and let experience be the learning.

Be socially active

Hiding inside one’s room and being alone is NOT, in any way, interesting. An interesting person always engages with other people. He or she is always social and keeps starting conversations with others. And he or she is always on the look out to acquire new friends and meet new people. So in short, an interesting person is interested in others.

To achieve a socially active lifestyle, you should spend more time with friends. It is always a good idea to occasionally go to parties, go to the mall, get a drink at a bar or head down to the beach. Additionally, striking up a conversation with random people (like a waitress at a restaurant, a cashier at a local convenience store, a bus driver, etc.) is also good. And if someone asks to hang out, an interesting person never says no.

Smile and laugh

Interesting individuals are able to grab other people’s attention. And nothing in this world draws attention more than happiness and laughter. These two are like attention magnets. They shift everyone’s focus towards the source and somehow the joy is also felt by others.

One great way to keep a happy mood is to be surrounded by other happy people. It is very important to not surround yourself with a negative aura and sadness because it would most likely affect your mood. Secondly, it is advisable to always seek sources of laughter like funny comics, comedy movies, and comedy bars. Thirdly, it is important to keep your bearings when dealing with disappointment and grief. It would be good to distract yourself from the bad vibes in order to always keep a happy mood. Lastly, it is crucial to get a good night’s sleep because the feeling of getting rested and being relaxed is a great starting point to keep a smile that can last for the whole day.

Be who you truly are

Being true and making a genuine image are the things that an interesting person can do. They don’t try to imitate others and they don’t pretend to be interesting. They also don’t try to get attention by pretending to be somebody else. Additionally, they know that in pretending, the truth will eventually come out which will make them seem like a phony.

In order to keep the real YOU, it is best always be with people who accept who you really are. It is good to keep away from people with whom you don’t fit in because the tendency is that you will try to change yourself to become one of them. Another way for you be yourself is to never forget where you came from. In this way, you remind yourself about the real YOU. Moreover, it is good to look back where you’re from despite the new things you have, the new places you’ve been, and new people you’ve met.

Do your passion


One thing that distinguishes interesting people from the ones that are not is their passion. While uninteresting people are okay with doing things they don’t like, interesting people do what they’re really passionate about. They are obsessed with what they do and they are always happy doing it.

A very good way to do what you’re passionate about is to always make decisions that are in line with achieving the same. It is very important to do the things that will later lead you to getting the opportunity to practice your passion (for example: taking the college course that will help you achieve your passion and getting the job where you can do the same). Additionally, it is also good to never stop your favorite hobbies and pass-times because these are the things that make you who you truly are.

Keep yourself busy

Like what has already been mentioned, an interesting person has a lot of things to say. But other than being educated, there is another way to become a good conversationalist – that is to create stories from the many things that you do. That of course can be achieved by doing a lot of things and keeping yourself busy. Additionally, it should be kept in mind that one can’t be interesting by just sitting on a couch and watching re-runs all day.

Some very simple advice to follow is to go out more often, either with friends or family. It would be great if you plan things ahead so that you can better manage your time. Moreover, travelling to different places and experiencing different cultures are good options to keep you busy. It is also not bad to go on an adventure or go to a festival. Lastly, you can also take a class at a nearby junior college. All of these would give you a lot of great stories to tell.

Be positive

Interesting individuals are happy and optimistic. This is the main reason why other people find them interesting, because these people want to know why and how they are so joyful.

Just think about this; no one wants to be around negative and unhappy people.

There is only one way to stay positive. That is to condition your mind to always think of the glass being half full rather than it being half empty. Of course it would take some time for the mind to be used to or be conditioned to always think optimistically, but in the long run it would be worth it. It would be very advantageous to be positive-minded not just while becoming an interesting person but also with life in general. Having a positive outlook will always have a good effect on everything.

Go beyond your comfort zone

One thing that doesn’t characterize an interesting individual is to always play it safe. An interesting person goes beyond his or her comfort zone to try something new and discover exciting things. By doing this, you get to discover new things and at the same time have an easier time dealing with new and unexpected changes and circumstances.

One way to do this is to make a list of things you want to do that are beyond the norm or beyond your comfort zone. By making a list, you get a reminder of the things that you need to do – a sort of to do list. Another way to go beyond your comfort zone is through accepting and embracing changes. This would allow you to become more flexible. This also gives you the chance to progress from the normal way of life.

Have a unique sense of style

YSL Prince of Wales Check Suit

Being interesting isn’t just about what’s on the inside, it is also about physical appearance. In fact, people often pre-judge your interestingness by just looking at how you look. So it is very important to have a good sense of style. Of course it would be more interesting if it was unique and not copied from celebrities, magazines, and other people. As a result, attention will turn towards you and not towards what was copied from others.

To achieve a unique style, you first have to get inspired. You have to get an idea of what you want your style to be. From there, you just have to add a unique twist with the sense of YOU to that style. Additionally, you also have to try new things and not just conventional outfits. You have to occasionally change from jeans to slacks, t-shirts to coats, cardigans to jackets, shorts to pants, or skirts to dresses.

In short, you have to switch things up from time to time. If you’re a woman, stop dressing like a girl. If you’re a man, stop dressing like a boy. There is nothing wrong with looking good and feeling like a million bucks. But don’t let that get to your head. Don’t ever be full of yourself and think that you’re better than others. Leave your ego at home.

Always remember that nobody notices ordinary, no one buys boring and not one person pays for average. On the other hand, interesting persons get noticed and those who get noticed are remembered. Additionally, your success is measured by how interesting you are and how people pay attention to you. So you always have to strive to be the most interesting that you can be to attain success.

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