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There are many blogs out there as blogging has become a common activity on the Internet. If you want to make money with your blog, it is important to know about how to make your blog stands out from the crowd of those many blogs so that people will notice the existence of your blog. Your goal is to make people to notice your blog and gradually grow your blog popularity. Once it becomes more popular, you can start earning money from it. Here are 5 things that will make your blog stands out from the crowd:

1. Blog personality

The first thing that you need to have is your own blog personality. Since blogging is mainly about writing, you need to develop your own writing personality in your blog. In this way, your blog will be recognized as “unique” and “different”. This uniqueness is important since there are thousands of blogs that directly compete with you. If you want people to notice your blog, make sure to use your own writing style in your blog. This is the writing style that will connect you and your readers.

2. Give different perspective

There are many blogs that offer the same kind of information, without any uniqueness. Since uniqueness is required in order to make your blog stands out from the crowd, you have no choice other than to give your readers different perspective about the topic. No matter what niche that you enter, your blog will look the same if you are giving the same information from the same perspective. Try to think outside of the box and give your blog different perspective than other similar blogs. This unique perspective will lead your blog into high reputation and authority.

3. Tweak the look and feel of your blog

Your blog theme is how you present yourself to your audience. It must look professional and it must be comfortable for your audience. Tidy blog will be appreciated by your audience more than a blog with lots of clutters and advertisements. Since your blog is representing your personality, the way you manage the look and feel of your blog will affect your readers’ thinking about your blog (and you). They will either like it or leave it. If you haven’t made any tweak in your blog theme yet, I suggest you to do so because it will greatly affect your blog’s success in the long run.

4. Get your name known in the blogosphere

There are hundreds of expert bloggers that you can connect to make your blog more popular. Blogging becomes more common today, and people have too many choices in which blog that they will read daily. If your name is unknown in the blogging world, chances are that you will have difficulty to grow the numbers of your audience in your blog. That’s why you have to make your name known in the blogosphere. You can do this by regularly posting a guest post in high traffic blog in the same niche as yours. This way you will be able to boost your popularity as a blogger quickly.

5. Offer unique information to your readers

It is important that you offer a new idea for your readers. Instead of telling your readers about the same idea, you can formulate your own idea and share your idea with your readers. This kind of unique information will make your readers to come and come again to your blog. Also, it will make your blog to stands out from the crowd of similar blog.

When you offer unique information to your readers, you will be regarded as expert in your niche. And this will pays you nicely in the long run. You will be able to recommend good product to your readers and they will actually follow your recommendation and buy your product without hesitation.

Those are some things that will help you to make your blog stands out from the crowd of thousands of similar blogs. If you have a blog that has no popularity, it is because your blog is not unique. If you follow the tips above, you will be able to finally grow your blog popularity to the roof.

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