There comes a time when you get stuck while writing. I hear many people suggest to step away from the computer in order to reprogram and relax your mind. While this may be true, the matter of the fact is that you will eventually come back to the same place. Stay away from this loop or unproductivity. Pondering for ideas away from your computer does not mean a bird will tweet it into your ears. You need to get the sticky gum off your shoes and keep moving. This article will provide possible ideas that can help you with your writers block.

Update Your Pages

If you don’t have the urge to write, look elsewhere. Is there a page on your site that you feel could use a little more attention? Maybe it means adding some additional information for your readers/customers to comprehend. Try adding an image, include a video, add humor, make it entertaining, show your true self, and etc. I don’t care how good your about, contact, advertising, private policy, or any other page is. Nothing is ever perfect, therefore it can always use improvement.

Check Out Other Blogs in Your Community

There is nothing wrong at spying on your competition. With millions of blogs on the web there is an infinite source of content available. Check out what others are blogging about and see if you have something you can offer on the subject to be hosted on your blog. Be sure not to copy and paste their standing, provide a unique point of view related to the topic being discussed.

Check the Comments

Looking at previous comments that your readers have left is a great place to start. Often at times they might have left questions that you could answer with a blog post. This is a great way to hit two birds with one stone. A; you will be publishing a useful article. B; you just answered a serious question that the curious commenter had.

Watch Videos

When all else fails look for a funny or thought-provoking video. Don’t be limited to YouTube, there is a whole world of streaming video online that most people have never seen because they have settled for YouTube. Here is a small list of very informative websites that you can gain knowledge from. That way you will learn something, instead of wasting time watching cat videos.

Write About How You Started

Behind every business is a great story. Whether you might not think so, I think everybody is successful whenever they make a mistake. Now I’m not saying that you make mistakes on the reg and you should discuss them, but……you know what that would be a great article. Sorry for the sidetrack. As I was saying, you should share your behind-the-scenes-story.

If you created your own business there was a problem in the industry you were trying to solve. There was something unique that drove you and that still drives you. Let people in on your secret and how you accomplished it. This is a great way to connect with your readers/customers. They will appreciate your wisdom and feel closer to you  on a personal level.

Look In Your Archives

If your blog has been around for at least a year or so, chances are you have written a vast amount or blog posts. Taking a look at your archives might spark the idea to bring back an older post and update it. Or if you’re lazy just repost it. In most cases your readers will think it‘s a brand new post. Everybody knows that an average bounce rate is 80%. With this information in mind people mostly come to the website, read an article, and leave. Sadly we have over 1,000 posts on Inspirationfeed and it‘s very unlikely that most of our readers have read them all.

Check Your Email

Some readers look for advice and might email you personally to get your point of view on the subject. If the information can be public, you should consider making an article out of it. Most of the time we have similar questions, take for example the FAQ pages that most web apps have. Why is it there? To prevent unneeded emails from flowing into the inbox.

Interview Someone You Admire

If you don’t have anything unique to say today, find someone who does. Everybody has an idol. With the power of Internet you can reach almost anybody you wish. Every single website* has an email or a contact page. Try reaching your target and ask them if they would like to do an interview. Depending on how busy they are, most of the time they will be willing to. After all, any ind of press is good press. Keep it fast, friendly and informational.

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