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I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


Incredible Commercial Advertising Works by Christian Stoll

  Do you recall those print ads at bus stops, in magazines, and Internet? Some are quite moving thus making us interested to actually pause and see what and why something is being advertised. Those beautiful Photoshoped images are created by advertising agencies for well known brands. Commercial advertising is a thriving economical phenomenon that…

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25 Well Crafted Free Minimal Fonts

Are you in need of some elegant minimal fonts? Is so, then we got your back. Today we have managed to locate beautifully designed fonts for your ever growing collection. The icing on the cake about these fonts, is that they are 100% free! Downloading and testing a font out is as easy as 1,…

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Mind Blowing Book Sculptures by Guy Laramee

So this is what we do with literature now that we have e-readers? Just kidding. Most people read books on a regular basis, we gain knowledge and obtain lessons that might be applied to our own life in the near future. Designer Guy Laramee has a different viewpoint on paper. He uses those think and heavy…

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4 Free Yahoo Web Development Tools that Save Time/Money

You value your time, so when free tools come along that can save you hours of coding and debugging, it's a pretty big deal. Here are four free Yahoo! Web Development tools you need to know about. They'll definitely speed up the website development process. 1. Yslow And, since we're on the subject of speed, let's…

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Top 5 Places to Find the Best Newsletter Provider

If you are starting to get a good amount of traffic to your site, you might be thinking about incorporating a newsletter. A newsletter is a great way to provide current information, sell products, and handle all of your back end affiliate marketing. Without a newsletter you can be missing out of grabbing some more…

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20 Elegant User Interface Switch Designs

On/off, left/right, up/down, start/stop the list goes on and on. We are naturally used to make these action based decisions on a daily basis. Presently, applications are used like a second nature and are mostly dictated by user interface. User interface design has grown dramatically over the last decade. Software companies are more than ever…

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15 Great Playlists From DesignersMX

DesignersMX showcases beautifuly designed mixes. Not just the quality hand-picked music collection, but the time consuming album cover art as well. Asking some of the industry's top designers, DesignersMX is on a mission to discover the musical secrets of creativity. We have a very strong taste in life, and the things that populate it; Music…

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