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I been freelancing fulltime for about 6 months and I got to say Its been the most rewarding decision I made in my life and I have no regrets about leaving my 9 to 5. In these last past three months I found my self with more projects but I felt a bit stagnated. After some deep self analyzes I came to the conclusion that I felt stuck because I wasn’t doing enough activities that was in alignment with my goals and values.

So after I finally figured out what was irking me I decided to design my work schedule and life according to a balanced personal mission statement that captured what I wanted to accomplish in my life. I am going to share with you the process that I took to create a balanced mission statement which greatly enhanced my ability to manage my time and design a life that I wanted.

Define your roles in life

I would assume every ambitious freelancer has written a mission statement or has some set of goals they constantly review. But speaking from experience all the goals I have written down in the past were very much focused on my career as a fulltime freelancer. So when looking over my previous mission statements I felt that they all did not include goals that involved spending time with momma dukes (my nick name for my lovely mother) for example and being a better brother to my siblings. I made sure that when developing my new mission statement I would first define all the roles that I played as a human being before even writing down my mission statement. Below is a list of the roles in my life.

– Son
– Business owner
– Craftsmen
– Friend
– Contributor to world
– Scholar
– Brother
– Spiritual
– Family man
– Thinker
– Non-conformist
– Personal development (student)
– Health enthusiast

Listing all the roles in which you function in allows you to construct a more balanced mission statement and it essential for freelancers to maintain a balance in life or you will begin to get consumed by your work.

Mission Statement

When scheduling your daily task make sure you leave room for activities that get you closer to your goals. Every Sunday I decided to list all the major things that I wanted to accomplish within that upcoming week and blocked out a couple hours each day so I can get them done. By doing this I was able to reduce the amount of task that had no relevance to my goals which helped me accomplish my goals faster.

By following the above method and with trial and error you will begin to design a life that is congruent with your own personal goals and start to make the progress you want to make in life.

What are your life goals?

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