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Here’s a tricky question for you. How long back was it when you used your phone just for the sake of calling purposes?

Almost none of us can answer this question with perfection. Then instant mobile devices have turned smart, they have entered our lives first as a wonder, then as a habit and now they have become a necessity.

Most of us rely on mobile apps for many purposes in our daily life. Cab booking, ordering food, booking tickets, watching movies, staying connected to friends, and many more.

Studies say that the average time per day that users spend on browsing on mobiles is 185 minutes for Millennials, 110 minutes for Generation X and 43 daily minutes for Boomers.

Accordingly, the play stores are becoming finding new entries of mobile apps. Stats say that as of March 2018, there are 3.6 million apps for Android users.


Why users love Android?

person holding a space gray iPhone 6 and black case

Another interesting feature is that though it was iPhone that started the era of smartphones and apps, Android soon overtook it with ease.

Users across the world love to use Android for various reasons as discussed below:


No charger hassles

iPhone users often have this problem. Finding a charger while traveling or in case you need it urgently is really a problem with the iPhone.

Google’s Android is very user-friendly in this aspect. It uses the standardized Micro USB connection for its chargers, which can be found very easily.


Range of Choice

silver Android smartphone

iPhone you get only from Apple. Period. You have no other choice. Coming to Android, you are spoilt with choice. They are available in many brands, models, versions and price ranges.


Easier memory upgrade

If you have used an iPhone, you will know for sure that memory up gradation is a costly affair with the iPhone. For Android, it is very easy and cost-effective.

All that you have to do is buy a newer memory card and insert in the slot.



widget andriod

In Android, the number of widgets is higher. This is a restricted feature with the iPhone.


Infrared feature

Do you know how you can benefit if your mobile has an infrared feature? You can use it as a universal remote.

It means Android phone users have this benefit, while iPhone users do not have.


User-Friendly Play Store

Google Play

Plays tore on Android is very user-friendly. Users do not have any restrictions to search or download their favorite apps on Google Play.

This is not possible with the iPhone as the number of apps and the range of apps is comparatively lesser.

Thus, owing to this main reason, the number of apps on Android is increasing year after year. The number of apps in the Google Play Store is around 2.5 million by December 2018. Please note that not every app available may be useful.

On the other hand, in this whole lot of apps, you might miss amazing apps that you should essentially have.


Why users love apps?

The number of users who love to do their online tasks on apps than browsers or mobile websites is increasing.

The main reason why users love apps is personalization, which involves personalized notifications, alerts and discount offers, etc. besides, the brand image is something that grips users to apps of many services.


Productivity Apps for Android

Apps are available for any purpose of our daily life. You name a problem; you find the solution in the form of an app.

This post will give you the top five productivity apps that must add-ons on your Android phone.


Google Assistant

Android Google Chrome

Browser Chrome Chrome Android Android Google Chrome

This app is your personal assistant. The voice-based smart app does anything that comes out of your mouth. You can ask it. Order it. And tell it. Anything will do.

The amazing voice-based assistant will dig the online world and keep it in front of you in no time.

Google Assistant contains more than 30 amazingly useful super commands that can schedule an alarm, play games, call your bestie or make a search for you.

Bonus? If you have Chrome and Search installed on your Android, all these services are more personal!

Want better news? This app has changed its avatar into a more powerful and useful one since its inception.

Google has added many features and services into this app lately.



As an Android user, do you need to take notes in the form of text, pics, video or other image formats?

Evernote helps you drastically in organizing and note making in any form. An added advantage is that all your notes are synced across all your devices, which just means that your workflow is much better now without any hassles or missed meetings and deadlines.

Users also said that they fell in love with the interface and the number of functions that this productivity app has been getting loaded periodically.

This tough to beat productivity app is one of such every Android user should use.



forest app

If you are looking for real productivity by not touching your phone for a certain time and want to focus on your work, this productivity app best suits you.

Forest, the app, helps you in focussing more on your work. It helps you to stay away from your phone. 

The app, Forest, is like a game. It keeps growing a tree as long as the phone is away from you. If you touch your phone, the tree dies.

Like other games, there are stages, and you will be gifted trees at the end of every stage as you progress.

This is a definite try for any Android user who is really aiming for increasing productivity by staying away from their smartphone.




Tired of typing full sentences? Wish a helper would predict what’s in your mind? Swiftkey will solve your purpose.

This productivity app uses artificial intelligence and predicts what a user is going to type next. It contains autocorrect and gesture typing feature that does typing tasks at a faster rate too.

Want themes and inbuilt search engine for a typing app? Swift key has these features too.

Another attractive feature with Swiftkey is its user data protection. Though the app is a typing app, it never stores sensitive information such as passwords, bank transactions, credit card details, etc.

Cool, isn’t it?



xender app

This file transferring app saves you from the hassles of cables and USBs when you want to transfer files from your mobile to another system.

Xander works on Bluetooth and users love the speed at which it works.

So why wait? Either you have a new Android or a Samsung refurbished one, try these productivity apps and see your productivity soar!



These apps are listed based on the user experiences on various sources. We are not supporting or featuring any of the app mentioned above.

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