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In today’s day and age, we want to do it all. We pack our schedules so tight that we often don’t have a moment to ourselves from the time we wake up until we fall back into bed each night. In order to get the most from our day without feeling like details are slipping through the cracks, it’s crucial to allocate time for each activity appropriately. With resources like smartphones and calendar planning apps, it’s never been easier to set a schedule and feel more in control of your time.

You know what to expect.


When you plan ahead, you give yourself a general idea of what to expect for the day, which leaves you feeling more prepared when you wake up. Instead of thinking of the giant, never-ending list of things to do that day, you’ll be able to focus on the plan in general.

Eliminates anxiety.

If you are going to bed worrying about everything you didn’t get done that day, and adding it to the list of things you have to do the next day, chances are you aren’t going to sleep very well. Not knowing how or when you will accomplish everything that needs to get done can leave you feeling stressed out and anxious. By setting a schedule and planning ahead, you take the guesswork out of making sure everything gets done on time.

Saves time.

Everyone could use a little bit more time in their day. When you plan ahead, you eliminate idling as you try to decide what needs to get done next. Since you already know the order of the tasks at hand, you aren’t wasting time reading and re-reading your to-do list.

Takes decision-making out of the equation.

Today we are inundated with decisions on a daily basis. When you already know what your day looks like, it’s easier to make snap decisions that will benefit the overall plan instead of your heat of the moment craving.

Increases focus.

Along with the increase of options available today comes the greater chance of distraction. Set schedules help keep you on track so that you aren’t wandering off to look through the new releases at the book store when you should be picking up your dry-cleaning. Staying focused allows you to complete your list quickly so that you have the time to do the things you enjoy.

Improves efficiency.

When you create a to-do list, you are able to see places where you can consolidate. If the dentist is right next door to your pharmacy, you can combine those items and save yourself a trip later in the day, freeing up more of your time.

Allows for flexibility.

One thing that is certain in today’s world is that nothing is certain. Instead of being derailed when an appointment gets rescheduled, planning ahead gives you the freedom to simply shuffle the rest of your schedule around so you aren’t wasting any time.

Meet deadlines.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have a deadline looming ahead. When you lay out a schedule ahead of time on how you plan to get the work done, you take the anxiety out of the task which frees up your mind to focus on your project.

Keeps you organized.

Unless you are a computer, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything that needs to get done in a day. Between dentists, doctors, kids’ activities, work functions and keeping in touch with friends, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. Keeping a set schedule allows you organize everything that needs to get done so that you still have time for the things you enjoy doing as well.

Gives a feeling of purpose each morning.

When you wake up with a jumbled list of vague things that you should be doing, it makes curling up under the covers all day an enticing option. Having a plan for the next day not only helps you relax so you can sleep better, it also gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. You only have to focus on your first task of the day instead of feeling overwhelmed by the entire day’s undertakings.

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