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It seems like everything we do today business-wise has become digital. Companies send mails, sign contracts, attend meetings and even participate in networking online. But there’s one thing that the digital world won’t be able to replace anytime soon – the business card.

Here are three reasons why the good old-fashioned business card is still relevant these days.


Exchanging contact details online is somewhat impersonal.

Social networking is about trying to make genuine connections. Sending contact info through email or text may be hassle-free, but it’s also awkward and impersonal. Doing eye-to-eye contact and engaging in actual conversation help a great deal in forming real relationships.

Two people with their heads buried in their smartphones typing away will find it hard to recall any lasting memory of their encounter. But with a business card, there’s tangible proof that the meeting happened. Your associate can easily transfer your business info from your card to his phone after you part ways.


A business card is the most efficient – and handiest – direct marketing tool.

Email marketing, SEO and PPC advertising all do a superb job of bringing in leads and prospects. However, they are still not as efficient as a face-to-face meeting sealed with an exchange of business cards. It’s possible to meet a potential lead anytime, anywhere, so having a business card with you is handy. It ensures you don’t miss an opportunity to present your brand and make a valuable business connection.


A business card leaves a favorable, lasting impression.

When it comes to business, a professional approach leaves a good impression. There’s nothing worse than giving your contact details written on a cocktail napkin to a potential lead. Put yourself in their shoes: if you meet two entrepreneurs and one scramble to find a pen and paper to write his contact info and the other simply hands you a business card, who makes a better impression? Of course, the latter. Be that kind of entrepreneur. Always have a stack of business cards with you.


Tips for an Effective Business Card Design

Thick and Letterpressed Business Card Design ideas

Having an efficient business card isn’t as simple as jotting your contact details on a small 3.5″ x 2″ card. There are hundreds of ways you can structure your business card. Follow these tips to make sure your card stands out from your competition.


Include only the most important details.

It’s tempting to reduce the font size on your card to add as much information as you can. Resist the temptation. You wouldn’t want the recipient’s attention to wander due to information overload. Put only the necessary contact information, and perhaps a line or a call-to-action to pique the interest of the recipient.


Make sure the card is readable.

Cool and funky fonts are fun, but they don’t usually belong to a business card. Make sure the font, font size and font color/s on the card are legible. It’s a waste of time, money and opportunity if your business card is too fancy or too distorted to read. Keep the text simple. If you want to spice up the design, do it with the logo.


Get them professionally-made.

While you can make your business card a DIY project using an inkjet printer and a generic business card paper, consider having it made by an expert. Sure, you can save a moderate amount of money if you print them yourself, but a card designed and printed by a professional has more impact than a homemade business card.


Use business card templates online.

If you don’t have the budget to hire an expert, design and print your business cards using card templates. There are tons of template kits available online. Choose a design that fits your brand to make the cards look like they were designed and printed by a professional.


10 Unique Business Card Templates


Price: $10

JUNIPER is a beautiful business card template ideal for both personal and brand identity. It’s multipurpose with a clean and contemporary style. The template is fully customizable – it can be designed as calling cards, event invites and advertising flyers.

Powered by Creative Market


2. Palm + Geometry

Price: $15

Palm + Geometry is a business card template suitable for business and personal use. It’s best for those who want an impressively well-balanced aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression on the recipients. The template is available in print and online.

Powered by Creative Market


3. Vintage

Price: $10

Vintage is a hipster-style business card template fully functional in Adobe Photoshop. It’s designed to create or customize stunning and stylish card layouts easily. The template includes several contact icons like Phone, Mail, Web and various social media platforms.

Powered by Creative Market


4. Business Card Design

Price: $9

Business Card Design, as the name suggests, is a card template for business and personal use. It can be customized in Adobe Photoshop CS3 (or higher version). The template is also easy to import.

Powered by Creative Market


5. Business Card

Price: $10

Business Card is a simple yet professional-looking card template. Its simplicity makes the positioning of the card’s message stands out. The template offers two different designs that are fully customizable and editable.

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6. Botanical

Price: $15

Botanical business card template, as the name implies, is perfect for personal and brand identities related with plants and flowers. It’s also suitable for other niches like cosmetics, interior design, jewelry and graphic design.

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7. Bare Fashion

Price: $6

Bare Fashion is a business card template ideal for fashion brands, high-end businesses and photographers. It offers four editable card illustrator templates. It’s also print-ready so template customization is easy to do.

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8. Pink Modern

Price: $7

Pink Modern is premium business card template with a unique design. It’s multipurpose with a minimalist style suitable for different niches. The template is editable with Adobe Photoshop Cs4, Cs5, Cs6 and CC.

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9. Stylish – Business Card 87

Price: $9

Stylish is a business card template that includes four PDF files (business cards), one JPG file (contact information for customization) and one text file (for information). It’s editable in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Powered by Creative Market


10. Multipurpose Business Card by Theme Devisers

Price: $8

Business Card by Theme Devisers is a kit of card templates ready to be customized. It has professional and structured files suitable for all types of businesses. It’s fully functional in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and MS Word.

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