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Autumn, otherwise known as fall, is the season of change and gratitude. The moment fall kicks in, you know that Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner.

More than the other three temperate seasons, autumn has a lot of symbolisms. It’s arguably the most beautiful season as well. Partially because of the soothing change of colors that happens during this time of the year.

If fall is your favorite season, here are some tidbits you need to know about the transition season between summer and winter.

Trivia for Autumn Lovers

Inspiring Autumn Quotes

  1. The autumn season is also referred to as the “hectic beauty of death, as it’s when plants and crops “die” a beautiful “death.”


  1. The level of testosterone in men and women are at an all-time high during the fall season. Medical experts and researchers believe it has something to do with ancient mating instincts.


  1. For centuries now, autumn has consistently ranked as one of the most significant times of the year – mainly because it’s harvest time. Since the beginning, to ensure good harvest, farmers honor different gods, goddesses, and saints. It has been said that in ancient Mexico, the Aztecs even offer human sacrifices to please the harvest gods.

Autumn Quotes


  1. Pumpkins are the most craved-for food during autumn. This is according to The Weather Channel.


  1. Plants are not only ones affected by the light changes in the fall – the season also has an effect on animals. For instance, the testes of a male Siberian hamster swell up to 17 times bigger than its actual size. The swelling is in preparation for the mating season.


  1. Studies show that in the fall, men are instinctively more affectionate or “touchy” with their partner. Scientifically speaking, this has something to do with a yearning for warmth during the cooler months of the year.

Autumn Quotes

  1. The autumnal equinox (equal night) doesn’t occur on the same date every year. However, it often falls on either the 22nd or the 23rd of September. It fell on the 24th in September 1931 since the Gregorian calendar and the position of the Earth on its orbit doesn’t always match up. The same thing will happen in 2303.


  1. When the fall season kicks in, a lot of birds start their winter migration. Among the longest (11,000 miles) is done by the Arctic Tern.


  1. “Fall” is American English. “Autumn” is British English. Both terms are believed to originate in the 16th Before that, the season was referred to as “harvest.”


  1. The word “harvest” is derived from the Old Norse term “haust” or “to gather.” When people started moving to cities, “harvest” began to fall out of use. Instead, the new urban residents use the phrase “fall of the leaf,” which was then shortened simply to “fall.”

Autumn Quotes

  1. Etymologists are still unsure of the origin of the word “autumn” up to this day. Although some believe it originates from the Etruscan root word “autu”, which signifies a change in season. From the ancient word, the Romans then formed the Latin word “autumnus”.


  1. Countries that are situated near the equator don’t have a fall season.


  1. Based on a Greek legend, autumn starts when Persephone goes to Hades in the underworld. Her mother, the goddess of grain and harvest, lets the crops on earth die to appease her broken heart. Their rebirth begins when Persephone returns to her during springtime.

Autumn Quotes

  1. According to a Swedish study, women lose more hair during autumn. This is thought to be an evolutionary effect. During summer, women often put their hair in a bun or ponytail to protect their scalp from the scorching sun. Also, hair cells are fast growers (they’re the second fastest after bone marrow). As such, they are extra sensitive to any environmental disruptions.


  1. It’s not surprising that birth rates are at an all-time high in June and July (nine months after the fall season). During summer, sperm count and concentration are at their lowest. But they vigorously rebound in late autumn due to the cooler weather. This is referred to as the “overshoot phenomenon”.


  1. According to medical research, people tend to eat fatty foods in the fall. This leads to seasonal or holiday weight gain. The low levels of Vitamin D also trigger weight gain during autumn (and winter). Lack of the sunshine vitamin lessens fat breakdown and results to fat storage.

Autumn Quotes

  1. The famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany happens during the fall season. The festival starts as part of the wedding anniversary celebration of a certain crown prince who was married in 1810. Since then, the event takes place every year. About five million liters of beer are consumed and poured during the ‘fest.


  1. In America, there are quite a few celebrations that are autumn holidays. These include: Autumn Equinox, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, Grandparents Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Patriot Day.


  1. Based on the seasonal patterns of Facebook’s relationship status, autumn is the season where more Facebook users change their status from “Single” to “In a Relationship” or “Engaged.” The breakups? They occur during summer.

Now that trivia time is done, here are some inspiring autumn quotes for you, fall-lovers!


Autumn Quotes

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