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Freelancers, it’s Time to Know Your Market Rates

Online job information sites like PayScale and Glassdoor are invaluable tools for any employee who want to walk into their boss’s office and negotiate their way into better salary. But if you just walk into that office and say “I...

/ November 4, 2016
How to Get Paid What You're Worth

How to Get Paid What You’re Worth

If you’re like the majority of people, the very thought of negotiating over money makes you utterly uncomfortable. The bargaining is something you try to get over with as early as possible. However, if you neglect even just a step...

/ October 26, 2016

The Nicky Laatz $1 Million Milestone: How the Freelance Economy Made It Happen

For creatives, freelancing represents the ultimate freedom from your boss telling you what to do. It’s the realization of being in charge of your own destiny and fulfilling your professional aspiration. The dream of every freelancer and entrepreneur is to...

/ October 25, 2016

Everything Freelancers Need to Know About Their 401(k)

As a freelancer, your employers are probably not going to handle your retirement plan for you. Just like how you entered the industry and did your work on a regular basis, you are on your own. That is, of course,...

/ October 14, 2016

Why Should You Freelance in the First Place?

Freelancing is big business. More than ever, millennials are seemingly ditching the regimen of a 9-5 in favor of carving out their own schedules from their homes and private offices. But while the idea of not answering to a boss,...

/ September 27, 2016

4 Simple Solutions to Working from Home

Millennials are squashing the typical 9-to-5 office format in favor of more flexibility, variable hours, telecommuting and non-traditional work space. In fact, it’s estimated that 3 million Americans currently work from home and that number is expected to increase 63% over...

/ September 23, 2016
Fire a Client-min

5 Signs It’s Time For A Freelancer To Fire A Client

No freelancer wants to fire a client. For most of us, a client represents a considerable investment of time in promotion, marketing, and relationship-building. Keeping an existing client is more cost-effective than finding new clients to fill the gap. But,...

/ September 20, 2016
A photo by Aron Van de Pol.

The Freelancer’s Handbook: How To Procrastinate Wisely

Procrastination is common not only to freelancers, as you might think, but to every human being. We would hold off on anything that requires us to spend even a tiny bit more vital power than we are already spending on...

/ September 15, 2016
Fail as a Freelancer-min

4 Sure Ways Of Failing As A Freelancer

The journey of freelancing is not an easy one; otherwise, everyone would have preferred it. The agility and flexibility that freelancing offers are unparalleled. A freelancer has autonomy, a factor absent in many formal employments. By autonomy, I mean you...

/ September 1, 2016
6 Time Management Tips for Developers-min

6 Time Management Tips for Developers

Your time is precious, especially when your life entails earning money from how you spend your time as a developer. We all want more money. The more the merrier to be honest, and hence you can get tempted to take...

/ August 31, 2016