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One of the Internet’s biggest advantage is how incredibly huge it is. But this can be a problem too. Nothing frustrates people faster than having to change their search parameters over and over because nothing they’re getting back applies to them. That’s why many people are using more local search sites these days to find results pertinent to where they are located.

Local Search is Exploding


According to some statistics, there are over 400 million local searches per month and growing. Over 70% or so of searches people do online are people looking for products or services that are local. A majority of people will use online approaches to finding local stores rather than the yellow pages now. It’s finally gotten to that point. So for companies that want to stand out locally, using local search options just makes good sense.

Getting Ahead with Google+ in Local Searches

The social media site Google+ is a relative newcomer to the social media game. But by combining social media with Google’s powerful search engine, you can get powerful results in terms of finding what you want locally. That’s why it’s a great idea for businesses to use Google+ to stand out from competitors locally.

Google+ Social Networking and Reviews

One of the reasons for the explosion in local searching using Google+, is the fact that it’s easy to find scores and summaries with Google Local.  Many people will use reviews to make final decisions about what local goods and services to purchase. That’s why focusing on Google+ will allow your customers to spread the word about your brand in just about the most natural and organic way possible.

It’s a fact that people tend to shy away from using only polished advertising sites to get a sense of what businesses will be good for them. There’s been a lot of emphasis these days on honest review sites, especially when it comes to local places. People really want to get a sense of what the local flavor is like, and what all of the little details are regarding a particular place.

What’s the parking like? Is the customer service nice or mean? These are questions that people seek to get answered and they will look for local searching sites like these ones to get these questions answered. If you want to stand out online, you’ll go to where the people are going and try to help them get the answers they want without a lot of extra noise on the Internet. After all, given how many choices there are online now, people will tend to click away and try somewhere else at the first sign of any kind of irritation.

Marketing Approaches

That’s why using Google Local and Google+ for local Internet marketing is definitely the way to go. People can often get reviews of places based on what their friends are into as well, so it’s easy to get a baseline buzz this way that will spread over social media like wildfire.

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