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Google’s answer to Facebook recently surpassed 100 million users. This is a great achievement considering Google’s previous history with failing social networks. While Facebook has 9 times the users, you cannot ignore that Google is taking a bite out of Facebook’s sandwich. From personal experience I think of Google+ as a social network for well-educated, tech savvy and last but not least intelligent individuals.

For some it’s inconvenient moving everything to a new social network like Google+ because you’re friends aren’t on there, that’s the whole point. Google+ is great for meeting new people on a professional scale. It’s not packed with people who went to your high school that you barely communicate with. The lack of ads is one thing that most people say that they like about Google+. Here are twenty reasons to switch to Google+. Enjoy!

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Posted by Igor Ovsyannykov

I'm a digital nomad and entrepreneur bouncing around South East Asia. When I'm not working here, I'm out taking photos. Follow me on Instagram: @igorovsyannykov


  1. I dont think of switching from facebook to google+, will use both of them…

  2. I agree that Google+ suitable for business and professional and for more social engagement I use most of social networking out there. Mainly Twiter, FB and G+ and worth mention StumbleUpon.

  3. It was kinda predictable that Google would integrate many services in G+. That’s an easy and, maybe, powerful way to get new users. Anyway, I saw the 20 reasons and none of them attracted me. I already have G+, and I think it’s cool. It’s clean and useful, despite I don’t know its tools (because I almost don’t use it).

    I think that people have to take care with ‘privacity’ affirmations. We don’t have to worry with what other users would do with our info (well, we have to, but this happens in any social media), but with what the social media administrators will do with that. Ok, Facebook may sell our information to the enterprises, and that’s bad. What can we do, if we get really worried? Leave Facebook. It’s a free service and, we know, we can do nothing to change this.

    But can we talk about privacity in Google? Hey, they have dozens of different services that we may never hear people talking about. Can you imagine what they may do with our information? Furthermore, Google have been ruling internet for some years, and they surely know what to do with our information.

    Well, using what Bharat said, it’s kinda hard to switch from Facebook to G+. We may use both medias, but I am really not convinced that G+ has enough tools and users to be better than Facebook. People have to try to say ‘start using G+’, and not ‘switch to G+’, because this will probably fail.

    And some information in the infographic is hard to believe, like number 18. How can G+ be better for business? Ok, Google can help in the search, but Facebook keeps having almost a billion users. Furthermore, it’s clearly an information for USA. Here in Brazil, I don’t know anyone that uses G+ more than Facebook. Talking about business, switching from Facebook to G+ would be a kamikaze action.

    Moreover, Facebook have enough money to keep updating their tools, so they will surely try to get advantage in many of the topics discussed in the infographic.

    Anyway, the infographic shows that G+ is running against the time to be a social media that would fight against Facebook (I really don’t think that this will happen now). Sorry if I made any big mistake while writing in english.

  4. Thanks a lot for Great informations.

  5. Hi,

    It is now becoming clear that for many business owners managing their core business plus introducing social media for relationship marketing will be too much of a time management issue. They will have to outsource or employ someone.


    John Cosstick

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