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What are promotional products and why are they good for marketing? Well, promotional products are and easy way of promoting, or in other words, marketing your business. Promotional products can be pens, stress shapes, promotional water bottles or promotional non-woven bags (as well as some other things). When you decide to giveaway a certain promotional product, just make sure you printed all the information needed that is related to your company and you are good to go!

They don’t require an uttered (where you can reach just a certain amount of people every day) and therefore are very suitable for a faster expansion. They have a far more wide-reaching effect than advertisements or commercials. It is more probable for a customer to remember your information if he or she gets a promotional product, than if he reads about your company in the newspaper.


In addition to being effective, promotional products are very cheap, which is very important when it comes to marketing big companies. Just think of it this way, when you write an advertisement it’s basically a one-time deal, but promotional products are sure to be seen by hundreds of people. I mean, who doesn’t use pens in his everyday life?

Another very important benefit of promotional products is that they give your company a reputation of helpfulness. This can help you in gaining public favor in the future. Promotional products are a win-win situation for both sides. The customer gets an item that is helpful, and the company gets a long term advertisement.

How to distribute your promotional products?

Make conferences and meetings. Conferences and meeting are ideal events where you can promote your company. For example, you can give a promotional product at the end of the meeting as a “thanks for coming” gift. This way, you get to promote yourself and meet the customers face to face. You can also do this at holiday parties if you notice some potential customers.

Why are promotional products such a good marketing tool?

  1. Fast spreading. For starters, people love free gifts, and they will, in most cases, tell their friends about the product they got from you for free. This will lead to spreading the word about your business faster, and will, in the end, lead to generating brand awareness.

  2. Motivation. On the other hand, you should give promotional products not only to customers but also to your employees. That is a nice gesture and it shows that you are satisfied with how your employee did his job. Having gotten a compliment about his work, the employee will be motivated to work even better in the future.

  3. Raising money for charity. It is a great idea to donate promotional products to an orphanage. You are at the same time boosting your brand and also being very helpful.

  4. Attention. Nowadays when people get a flyer on the street, they usually throw it in the trash right away. You probably do it to, because you’re usually in a hurry, being late for work, running to pick your kid after school or hurrying to pay your bills before the post office closes. This is why promotional products are much better than ads and flyers. You will never throw a pen you got, and you will most certainly need it during the day.

  5. They’re material. Advertisements, commercials and billboards are fine, but they are not original. Promotional products are more tangible and therefore more interesting pen, a bag, a promotional water bottle – these things are practical and will see a lot of use.  If you make a catchy slogan and an interesting design, it is guaranteed that people will recognize your company’s logo the next time they see it. They will probably recommend it to a friend, and this is how these products spread the word very fast.

To sum up, promotional products as means of marketing are used everywhere in the world. Statistics have shown that they spread rapidly and guarantee efficiency. They are cheap, attractive and ideal for marketing your business. It is amazing how people can remember what they read on pencils or lighters that they use in their everyday life.

Never forget that you always have to be creative and innovative because there is a lot of competition out there. Make an interesting logo, make an interesting slogan, print that on any kind of promotional product, and enjoy this easy way of marketing your company.

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